Bought these 2 items in July 2015 for a trip to southeast Alaska, but bad weather and short itinerary resulted in little use.

Brand new 2015 Red Alpacka Scout with 4 NRS 1 inch PVC D rings installed on bow, laced with 4mm New England cord for grab line. Also installed 2 NRS PVC 1 inch D rings in the rear floor area to strap a standard Z Rest (seat) to the boat. D rings were DIY installed using Clifton’s Urethane adhesive. One small 4mm loop is tied to the stock tie down in the rear of the boat. Boat has been used 2 times for a total of 4-5 river miles and is in mint condition. Asking $500 shipping included. Inflation bag and unused patch kit included.

Also for sale is a red size XL Mythic Matsu drysuit. Also purchased in July 2015, worn twice. No bushwacking was done in this suit, only car shuttles, so condition is also Mint. I am 5’10, 32 inch inseam, and the size XL seemed to fit just fine, not too baggy. This model has 1 main zipper, no relief zipper. Gaskets are unmodified/uncut, and in original condition. Asking $300 shipped.

PM me with an email address and I will be happy to quickly respond with pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

pm sent


Boat is still for sale, price drop to $400.

Link to pics showing D-ring additions and how I fashioned my zrest into a seat.