SOLD - Older Denali Lama-But Never Used-$600

We have an older Denali Lama which was still in its storage sack until I took it out to photograph it. There’s a thermal pad, but it is from when they were black. It has a spray deck, which attaches separately. The spray deck is orange, and the boat is dark green with yellow stripes. This was my husband’s. He had been slowly acquiring gear for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but unfortunately, he had a massive stroke before he was able to make the journey.

This was totally his deal, so I have not been able to figure out exactly the year it was purchased. But someone on the Alpacka staff thought that there had been at least 4 design modifications since then.

I haven’t been able to find the inflation bag or the patch kit yet. They were not inside the bag, which still had the logo card inside. Perhaps they used to be sold separately? Or perhaps they came in a separate bundle? I will try & find out how they have been boxed/shipped. It seems likely Chet would have ordered them, so maybe I just haven’t been able to spot them. If I don’t locate them, at least they aren’t expensive items.

I’ve been told that a suggested price range is $600-$700. But I’d be happy with $600 to see the boat go to a good home. It’s sad to be relinquishing the most spectacular part of Chet’s dream, but a photo or video of the buyer enjoying the heck out of the boat might make him feel that he was helping out someone who otherwise couldn’t afford one.

I do have a few photos, but it doesn’t look like I can attach them here.

PM sent…

I’ll take it if still avaialable.