SOLD . Denali Llama Packraft with Cruiser spray deck and mo

SOLD. I am selling my extra Alpacka Denali Llama packraft with the Cruiser spray deck. I purchased this boat this summer new directly from Alpacka and used once, on a mild river. It is mint. Includes the following: 1 Manta Ray fiberglass 4 piece paddle, 1 Stormy Seas SV100 Deluxe version (this is the upgraded SV100 with pockets on the front - extremely lightweight and packable, but still very functional - great for fishing), and a very nice mesh duffle bag to hold everything.

Only flaw is some minor black marks from the original shipping, where the brand new spray deck rubbed.

PM me with questions. Buy a basically new boat and everything you need to get on the water at over 20% off. Will send pics upon request.

Have you sold your packraft? If you haven’t is there any chance you could send me some pictures. Thanks.

How much?