SOLD Alpacka Grarwhal Vectran 400D Packraft size Large with the Whitewater Deck

SOLD - For sale is my 2 year old Alpacka Grarwhal Vectran 400D Packraft size Large with the Whitewater Deck.

I’m the second owner of this beautiful boat and have used it for one 6 day trip and several day runs on local rivers. The previous owner had it repaired by Alpacka who also replaced the T-Zip zipper. The repairs consist of 4 patches on the floor for pinhole thorn punctures (see photos ) and one tube repair for an small abrasion (see photos of inside and out) which was more preventative as the Vectran inside looks fine. The boat is airtight and is in very good condition. Included are the nearly new fold top dry bags, spray skirt, back band, thigh straps, seat / floor cushion, foot brace, cowling, and inflation bag.

This boat sells for $1957 (with current 10% discount) + $25 shipping for a total of $1982.

Asking $1350 USD which includes shipping to ConUS. Shipping to Alaska $10 extra. This will save you about $482 off the price of a new Vectran Gnarwhal.

On my scale the boat with everything except the dry bags and inflation bag is 10lbs 6oz which is how I’m guessing Alpacka weighs their boats. The dry bags are 13.3oz combined and the inflation bag is 4.5oz.

Vectran® Fabrics

Vectran® is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP), which is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. In a packraft, Vectran® fabrics provide exceptional tear strength and rigidity (due to its lower stretch) than comparable Nylon deniers, which results in a stiffer higher performance hull. While a Vectran® hull is much more resistant to tears than Nylon, it has a lower urethane bond strength and its higher rigidity makes it slightly more prone to punctures. Vectran® is extremely challenging to work with and we have spent years developing techniques to incorporate this advanced fabric into packraft manufacturing.

Hi, Did this sell?

Its still available.

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Cragslist ad with photos back up.

It is still for sale. You can email me directly at -Mark

Still for sale

Still available:

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