SOLD - 2018 Alpacka Yak

2018 Alpacka Yak in great condition. It was used for one season for an Alaska backpacking trip. Lime green and blue. Open configuration. No cargo fly.

Two pin-sized holes on the inside floor and one pin-sized hole on the bottom of the seat have been repaired with Aquaseal (see photos). No other damage anywhere else besides normal wear.

Mammut 5mm cord for perimeter line at the stern is still attached. The two poles from the inflation bag were removed but can be reinserted. Back rest is not in the photo but is included and has never been used. Floor fabric from the repair kit is included.

$750 PayPal

5 lb 0.94 oz | Packraft
8.18 oz | Seat
0.84 oz | Sack
5 lb 9.16 oz | Packraft + Seat
5 lb 10.04 oz | Packraft + Seat + Sack
1.79 oz | Back rest

4.05 oz | Inflation bag
4.54 oz | Inflation bag + 2 poles

still available?


ahh! thought it was a large (llama) sorry for the inconvenience