SOLD 2016 Alpacka Llama (L)

Selling my 2016 Llama complete with Cruiser Spray Deck and Cargo Fly. The Cargo Fly has only been used twice, but it’s been maintained and lubed. The boat had one pinhole leak I repaired at home. Most of the travels have been on pretty quiet rivers here in the Southwest. It comes with everything that came in the box when I got it:

  • A 2016 Alpacka Llama in glorious factory multi-color
  • Cruiser Spray Deck
  • Cargo Fly (used twice)
  • Ultralight dry bags for Cargo Fly
  • Stuff sack for dry bags
  • Stuff sack for the boat
  • Inflation bag
  • Repair kit (unused) with an extra nozzle and some new zipper lube.

Some river made modifications:

  • Pinhole leak (repaired)
  • Some cosmetic scratches from paddling
  • Some rubbing on the butt area from low water travels

Asking $1050 plus shipping.

I tried to add pictures but the file size is too big and I’m not smart enough to compress them. So shoot me a message with an email address and any questions you might have. I’ll send you some pictures and some answers.


can you send pics in email,


I’m pretty keen on the raft, if its still around.

could you email me at



Hi, I’m interested if still available