SOLD! 2015 camo Fjord Explorer w/ cruiser deck


Hi there,

First post here. I bought a Fjord Explorer while I was living in Alaska and then somewhat unexpectedly moved to SW Colorado. I think a Denali Llama would probably be better for my new home.

It’s the new design style with ‘two noses,’ woodland camo color, and with the removable cruiser spray deck. It’s practically new.

Ideally I’d like to trade it for an older Denali Llama + some cash. I’d also sell - hoping to get about $900 or so, but I don’t know what the market is like for these. Definitely negotiable.

pm sent

Just a note that this raft is still very much for sale!

pm sent

Hi, is the raft still for sale

Yes, still for sale. I can send some pics if you email - can’t figure out how to add them here.

Pm sent about trade