SOLD: 2010 Alpaca Raft and Sawyer Paddle

2010 Alpaca raft and Sawyer Paddle

Cedar Green

Been in water twice (once in an alpine lake, the other in the ocean).
No visible wear or damage. I just decided I prefer my adventures on terra firma.

Included:Sawyer paddle, Paktach system, extra inflation bag, extra valve cap and a couple patch kits. Heck, I’ll even throw in a copy of Roman Dial’s book.

$950 plus shipping.

Possibly interested.

A couple questions:
Spraydeck included, or open-top?
When you say “Sawyers paddle**s**”, you’re referring to just one I presume (or are you selling multiple paddles)?

Yes, the packraft includes the spray deck. Also, yes, that should be paddle. (my typo, thanks for pointing that out.)

Is this raft sold?
If not call me @907-268-9336

I already have a raft, but I’m interested in sawyer paddle, paktach system, extra inflation bag, extra valve cap, and patch kits.

Would you be willing to sell them separately?



raft, paddles, etc. is all sold.