SOLD: 2009 Alpacka Alpaca with spray deck


2009 Alpacka Alpaca with spray deck. $800

Trying to start my own tree climbing business, so I have less time for other hobbies. Raft has seen less than two weeks on water - 10 days on Colorado through the Grand Canyon, and a couple on the Kern River. Really fun boat.

I also have a 210cm manta ray fiber glass paddle I’ll include for $100, again little use.

I have a number of other white water related toys, and gear which we can discuss or I’ll try to post soon. - I’m looking for my camera.

Send me a PM regarding boat or other gear. Thanks!


Tree climbing ehh? I got a Weaver climbing/working saddle w/ a braided-steel lanyard I’ll trade for the paddle…

Have you sold this item?

Sale pending. I’ll keep folks posted. Thanks for the interest.

Still for sale!

Is this 2009 Alpacka still for sale? What color is it?

SOLD! Thanks for the interest.