*SOLD*2008 Llama w/ 2009 Spraydeck and xtra loops

I have for sale a Mud colored 2008 Llama that I sent back in the following Spring for a 2009 Spraydeck, at that time two extra loops were also installed just aft of the original loops for added tie down options . $800

In 2008 the boat suffered the tiniest pinhole(very slow leak) that I repaired and Alpackaraft glued over when the deck was installed. Never leaked after the initial repair and Im confident it never will. This is a great boat if you can get past the small patch.

Paypal accepted if you pay the fees or “gift”. Hoping to deal in AK but will ship if necessarry.

Live by dimond, are u willing to meet I would like to take a look at it?

Egr, I sent you a message. Call anytime.

pm sent. guy

Still available.

Sold Pending Funds

Hey Ryan thanks for the raft man! This thing is a game changer for me. Actually currently looking for a second one so I can drag my buddies out with me. Thanks for hooking it up so easily.