SOLD 2007 Alpacka Llama with mods, $400

This boat used to be rad.

Well loved and used Alpacka Llama (large) from 2007. The boat has many modifications for running whitewater, but the old-school geometry is more appropriate for lightweight scenic trips or hunting/fishing.

Tie-downs installed for thigh-straps.
Mouth valve has an extension so that you can inflate while in the boat.
Side-entry skirt has double-wide velcro which helps keep it snug. The skirt has many repaired tears too.
Extra tie-downs on perimeter.
Floor has tons of small abrasion holes, some repaired with aquaseal, some with tape. A thorough repair session would make the floor waterproof again.
It currently has an airline inflatable pfd sewn in as a seat, but I’ll include a standard Alpacka seat and backrest.

Can you send pics?