SOLD - 2 Alpackas (one older yellow Yak and one green Yak)

Hello All,

I am looking to reduce the number of packrafts that I have hanging out in my basement. I would rather have someone enjoy them than not get used. Here is what I have:

  1. Original yellow Yak sized boat. This is one of the earliest commercially made boats that Alpacka produced. It does not have a seat, but one of the newer better ones could easily be glued in. It was used for one season and is in very good condition. I am looking for $400 for this boat, but make me an offer.

  2. Green (yellow seams) Yak - This is the second generation Alpacka that uses the same fabric as the new boats and has the yellow U-shaped seat. It still has the old style valve, but those can be replaced when they wear out. The boat has seen very little use and is in excellent condition. I am looking for $500 for this boat.

I also have a 2007 decked Alpacka size that I would consider selling if someone really wants one. Let me know.



How much are you asking for the decked 2007 alpaca? Does it have a spray skirt? Color? I am very interested.

Also is the green one still available? It uses the same inflation design, right?

Does the green one have a Sprey deck? Still available?

Rafts have sold. Thanks for the interest.