SoCal boaters here?

Looking for likeminded people in the Inland Empire or SoCal region. I’m still newish, but not super-new, to both packrafting and this area. Working to bring my boat experience up to par with other adventure skills & ambitions. I’ve done a few runs up to class III+ in Alaska ( but was playing above my experience at the high end of that spectrum. Near here, I spent this spring exploring the Santa Ana (Heart Bar → Redlands), Whitewater, and Deep Creek (had many adventures but found few boatable miles, and blind corners and sweepers kept me off some better looking stretches). Have heard good things about the East Fork of the San Gabriel but didn’t make it out there. I’m hoping to check out the easier stretches of the Kern within the next month or so.

My goals are to log more hours in the boat and have fun along the way. I know flowing water is scarce now that it’s August, but to anyone who reads this, I would love to collaborate either farther afield (Kern, etc.) or at a wetter time of year.


Hey Julian, thanks for the post here! Glad to connect – I’m in the San Gabriel valley so definitely similarly local. Would be glad to discuss ideas for future trips, since it’s so dry down here this time of year. Kern likely will be running longer than years past – I was up there in April and it was pretty stout and big.

Feel free to shoot me an email at and we can discuss!

Hello! I’m located in Los Angeles and recently got an inflatable kayak. I would love to join you on adventures! I have not done any type of pack rafting of kayaking down rivers. I have gone white water rafting. I am completely new to this but would love to learn and go on adventures. If you’re willing and able to teach me! I’d be grateful to learn and join on these adventures! You can contact me at

Hope to hear from you soon