snowy and nymboida fishing tips

I may be on the snowy below willis or on the nymboia a bit over the week. Rivers pending. Anyone fished ther?

I’ll get Steve to give you some info.

Funnily enough they are similar waters from a fishing approach, although you will hit cod as well as bass in the Nymboida. Generally on both systems I would target early morning & late arvo into the night with surface lures, don’t be affraid to fish big lures. My top three surface lures would be: jointed Jitterbugs, Halco Night crawlers, large Koolabung Cicada fizzers etc Daytime I would shift to spinner baits fished deep around the structure. My three favourite lure colours are black. Wish I had the time to go with you :frowning:


Thanks. Did wallis to buchan on snowy with mickb and james, niether who fish so just went for the paddle, looked fishy and in retrospect should of gone fishing too. Excellent paddle tthough with great weather. On the way home from the ACT right now.

Any pics or vid?

Mick was the photo guy and has heaps of photos and a splatter vid

Yeah Steve, as I was on camera there is no footage of quality paddling

Just bloody typical!!! :slight_smile:

plenty of footage of average paddling though … and lovely scenery. Great trip, will attempt a short report with a couple of pics soon

to clarify. The paddling was great the paddlers were average