Can someone please tell me what snickersnacking or snickersnack means. I have seen it written a few times and have no Idea what it refers to. I assume it refers to a move that other paddling crafts call something else (like calling a “eddy turn” a “pirouette” or am I wrong about that too?) and also assume it comes from Romans book? I’m not going to buy Romans book (sorry Roman I already know how to paddle) but I would love to know, please help!

Hey again Kirkinbend,

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If I remember properly Bander snatching is where the back of your boat is pulled under after a drop and snicker snackering is some other way of getting flipped but I can’t remember which? The references come from a fiction book?



The term comes from Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky”.

I believe Roman was using the term as a quick direction change, one with a hard paddle stroke on one side of the raft followed by a backward stroke on the other side.