Skagway River

Pictures for these words on youtube.

Skagway River is a pretty awesome little 3 or 4 hour day trip which starts and ends in Skagway Alaska.

At normal flow it is class II and at higher flows the upper reaches can touch into the class III realm.

Start at lower Reid falls to access the railroad track. Hike the frontage roads that parallel the tracks as long as you can. Keep in mind these are active tracks in the summer and the trains will splat you if you let them. Technically you are likely trespassing, so respect the trains and keep an exit path in mind.

Hike up the tracks as far as you want to. We put in at 5 mile to get a bit more spice. If you put in closer to town at the confluence with the East Fork then it’s less spicy. If you put in closer to Denver then you got more log jams. Choose your own adventure.

The river is very much read and run busy class II with the upper parts reaching more towards III at higher flows. Perfect for practicing reading water and honing all those packraft skills you’ve read about.

The trashy bridge rappid is something of interest. I’ve looked at it a lot and always felt it was kinda too munchy looking. When we shot this video it looked super flushy and fun. I’d say it was somewhere in the III+ relm. If you hit the tongue then it’ll spit you out.

Take out by the airport, or the ocean, or where ever you want.