Should we get an Alpacka Llama or Yak?

TL;DR: Will my 5’9", 32" inseam, girlfriend likely prefer an Alpacka Yak over a Llama?

My girlfriend and I are looking to purchase a pair of packrafts. I am 6’1" with a 34" inseam, she is 5’9" with 32" a inseam. We rented a Kokopeli and an Alpacka Llama. We rented the Llama based on my height, but we both preferred it to the Alpacka Llama by far. The question remaining is would she be happier with the Alpacka Yak than the Llama? The sizing recommendations would say she should get the Yak. OTOH, I’d think a Llama would be more versatile if we ever wanted to lend/paddle with others.


A fit optimized for your girlfriend (Yukon Yak) should take preference in your boat selection delima. In difficult WW, the lack of a secure fit would put her at a significant disadvantage for staying upright.

I’m 5’10" with a 32 in inseam and the Yak is a perfect fit for me - enough room to wiggle around as much as I want but snug enough to feel connected to the boat in more complicated water.

I agree with the above posts. I’m 6’ and I have a Llama. It’s a tad big for me, but on longer trips I carry my Clean Mountain Can (groover) snugly in the bow of the cockpit. With the can in place I’m snug in the boat, my knees are captured well by the cruiser spray skirt and I find maneuvering in rapids smooth.

Without the can - shorter trips, different land management agency requirements for human waste, etc., the boat is long for me. I usually carry a Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag (20 L) strapped in place of the can and that helps for a while as I can rest my feet against the bag & get a secure snug feeling with the spray deck. However, as a day goes on, stuff moves about and I usually end up with my feet under the bag & lose the snug feeling that makes whitewater more enjoyable.

When paddling long days on flat water (few or no rapids) it can be comfortable to stretch out my legs without the bag or can, but I’d rank that comfort second behind the snug fit for rapids. So if you see whitewater in your future, I’d go for the snugger fit and get a Yak for your partner.

While you didn’t ask about the cargo fly I’d recommend it for both boats if you envision camping trips. It works flawlessly and really simplifies carrying gear. I also find the bow bag helpful.

Good luck,

Howard L. Snell