I spent a day checking out the Shoalhaven River on Saturday even though the water level was lower than the recommended minimum height.
Awesome day out! I did the usual bike loop as the regular nutters were still skiing drifts.

A short video and Pics on the BLOG

Nice looking water there Darren. Must admit I’m guilty of the same rapid a couple of times before moving on, it’s so easy to portage with the packraft :slight_smile:

Think I ran that one three times in the end. I’m really looking forward to running it with more water. Good day out. Probably a long day trip from down your way though…

Some good looking country there Darren, has been on my ever growing list for a while too, great pics and vid as always.


Great report and stunning pics as usual.

Its also been on my hit list too, I even have a mate with a property 5 minutes up the road from Oallen ford but I haven’t got to do as many trips as I’d like its been hard to co-ordinate mates that are free on the same weekends I am. It would be good to get a bit of a network of sydney packrafters together.

I did get into the Colo in April and had a wicked trip. I’m looking at doing a wkend rafting trip with or without whitewater with a mate, Duncan on the wkend of the 18th and 19th of November, any interest? Looking at places within 2-3 hours of Sydney and it will sway towards fishing or rafting depending on the rainfall.



Hi Gus, glad to hear you had a good run on the Colo.

I was thinking of calling you when I got back from the Shoalhaven (still got your number) because it’s a great run if you like whitewater. I’ve got a couple of things on over the next two weeks but as soon as the Hillview gauge comes up I’ll definitely give you a call. Glad to accompany anyone else interested for a day.

How’s the camera going?

Great video! Thanks for putting it up

Camera’s going well, experimenting a but not sure my pics are up to your standard yet.

I also got a helmet camera for my b’day but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

I’ve been frustrated by slow internet but I’m still planning to get some pics and a belated colo report up.



Hi Darren

I’m looking to packraft at the Shoalhaven in January and working out the route at the moment. Which section is featured in your TR ?



Hi Dale,
The link is clickable on the blog but here it is anyway - CLICK ME
Things to remember…watch the gauge, early start, comfortable with your nav ability and a scramble at your exit point. Have fun. :slight_smile:

Cheers for that Darren. I missed the link on your blog - it is most helpful !