Shoalhaven - Welcome reef section at 1.85m

Hi guys,

On Saturday we did the welcome reef section of the Shoalhaven at 1.85m (Hillview). At this level it was pushy and some parts were pretty sticky but so much fun! I did this run in a kayak (with a club) and probably would have portaged a couple of the beefier holes in a packraft (though most of the rapids have a drop pool so aren’t too dangerous) but this is my new favourite river. It is full of fun grade 3/4- rapids, plenty of boofing opportunities and not too much flat water! Makes me want one of the new low volume alpackas!

We will have a vid up soon, but PM if you would like some more info on the route. There are some pretty serious obstacles in the river, so not one to attempt on a whim.

I couldn’t post the pics here (too big), so chucked them up here:

All the best,


Sweet Jeremy.

Level looks awesome and after exploring a bit of the Shoalie, I’d have to say it was my favourite too.

Thats it! So many great drops.

Below is a vid of the trip with a notable beatdown at 0:25.