Shoalhaven trip

Yo packrafting dudes. Did a two day trip from Great Horseshoe Bend to Bungona the other day. Chose this take out as it shortens the car shuttle to about 30-40minutes. Was great! Nice water level too. Block up Gorge is spectacular…shame the camera ran out of batteries. No portables though, which was nice. Cold night. Big hill out!

Pics or it didn’t happen Chris…

OK - I was being lazy - and the pictures are lame. But here they are…posted as evidence :slight_smile:

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Looks like your quota of awesomeness has been reached!
Hope you are well.

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Hi Guys,
Thinking of doing a trip similar to this. Any tips/ suggestions? Also after some info on access. Where a outs can you get a car to? I have the Touga map- did you walk in via Assay Buttress?

G’day Lizzy

I haven’t done this particular trip but have thought about it and received some info from those who have. My understanding is that you can drive along Matodoro Ridge Trail out to Bullion Hill as marked on the Touga map.Do-able in 2wd although some messy bits and all marked gates are open. From there a pretty straight forward walk down Assay Buttress on the marked track. Take out can be at Bungonia, Longs Point Or Badgerys depending on how long you wish to paddle. I reckon gauge height of 1.0m or so on Hillview would be pretty nice for the rapids, think others have paddled it at less , but it gets less challenging and rockier as the gauge drops. Obviously two cars required for this trip (access to any take out is on good roads although you need to walk up the hill !)… I’ll post the Longs Point circuit I did with some mates over Anzac day which is a loop trip and only needs one car … more walking though

Cheers Mick


Greater Horseshoe Bend to Bungonia is a good trip; or if you don’t mind a bit of walk into Nerramunga Creek from the Greater Horseshoe Bend road you can do a good trip with numerous rapids of varying lengths.

The best river height is one metre at Hillview the trip these photos were taken on was a lot lower and we ended up hitting nearly every rock in the river on the longer rapids.

Recently we paddled just below Bungonia at about 1.2 metres and it was thrilling to say the least. Today Wed 15-10-2014 it’s running at 1.27 so should be perfect for the weekend.


This is our more recent trip with the water level one plus metres, we only did a short section below Long Point as Bas was still getting over his leg injury.


Thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:
Will have to see if I can line up the baby-sitters. Had a little paddle along the Kangaroo River on the w/e- scrapping along at 0.41m- saw the levels this morning at 2.5m :open_mouth:
Will be sure to post up a report when I get a decent trip in.