Shoalhaven at 1.4m for beginners?

Hi Guys,

I was planning to take some beginners out this weekend (but experienced outdoorsy people and canyoners) and the Shoalhaven is the only river at sane levels. Would some parts of it be OK for beginners when the level is 1.4m? Maybe a section from Greater Horshoe bend or near this part?

What would be the maximum level before you guys would pull the plug?

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Hi Guys,

A quick write up of trip on the Shoalhaven. Lots of fun, but some rapids were a bit tree clogged at these levels.



Nice one Jeremy! Still haven’t gotten to the Bungonia area with a packraft… Such a shame it seems 2 cars are usually needed.

Hi Lizzy,

That is why we chose this route as we could start it off with a 16km bicycle and car shuffle. All fairly flattish so it took about an hour. Needing 2 cars is such a bain of rafting!

I try to use bikes as often as possible but this certainly adds to the exertion of the day.

Ahhhhh thanks for that- I can make my hubby do the bike shuffle :slight_smile: