Ship Creek

Has anyone floated Ship Creek from the Dam down through the base and out to downtown? Wondering if anyone had done that or if there are some access issues. I know that they allow people to float Eagle River and get out on base…?

I’m looking for some fun class II/III runs near town as I am new to pack rafting. We have been down Granite Creek twice, Campbel Creek, Portage, and the Upper Russian.

I have rafted the ER from Campground to ft Rich take out. In fact last night it was a blast the water level has significantly risen over the past week. I believe the river tops out at a class III. I’d be interested in doing it today 23Mon08 around 5ish if you. lets chat 907-277-2740.

The ER to ft Rich does require permit and base pass. I am a military member that can assist as a sponsor.

Not to sure about the ship creek into down town. there is a low head overhead damn on Elmendorf that has been a problem in the past. Respect this damn it is very unforgiving and highly unrecommended.