SHERPA packraft for sale - SOLD!!!

For a classic Sherpa packraft. I recently pulled this out of storage and was interested in seeing if there were any interested individual in purchasing a relic Sherpa packraft. This is in great condition. No holes and still have its original four piece plastic paddles and inflatable floor seats. A classic for anyone who knows pack raft history. This has been used in central Alaska and in the Brooks Range. Anyone? ~ $350.00 :mrgreen:

How much are you asking for the Sherpa?

Have you sold your SHERPA yet?


The Sherpa packraft is still available. In fact, I took it for a float a couple weeks a ago down the Rio Grande in Albuquerque and it worked just great, and I plan to do a short float for the Fourth of July down White Rock Canyon in New Mexico.


First, Here’s my direct e-mail: Second, where in remote Alaska do you live so I have an idea for shipping. Remote can be remote, but I have lived in Eagle and Chicken, AK and that was pretty end of the road, but I was able to still get mail. Also, I have included pictures of the boat.


Have you sold the Sherpa yet? If not, I am interested.


The boat has been shipped to another buyer to assess whether they want to buy it. If they are not interested I will contact you after their decision.