Shameless Self-Promotion

Beartooth Mountain Press announced my how-to packrafting book today at:

Please have a look.

Also, they posted a podcast about the Grand Canyon permitting process
(Error - Backpacking Light)

– they have other a BUNCH of good podcasts from Hig and Erin, too
(Error - Backpacking Light).

All of the above links are free.

For $$ you can read stories like Forrest’s cool trip down the Cataract Canyon (Error - Backpacking Light) and my Grand trip (Error - Backpacking Light).


On May 1 The Discovery Channel has a show called “Expedition Alaska” with some neat clips of packrafting a first descent in SE Alaska. There’s other neat stuff on the show if you can stomach TV. Rapping into a moulin, flying in an ultralight, sitting in a truck in Kaktovik as polar bears paw the windows, igniting methane from a lake on the N. Slope