SF Flathead level concerns

Hello All,

Long time lurker, first post here. Im trying to finalize a trip to the SF Flathead on July 8th however with current flow at the twin creek gauge 2780 and dropping fast i am concerned about water levels as my trip is still two weeks away. Should i hold off till next year or is this normal flow for this guage this time of year?

Any advice is appreciated!


(Third season to the SF. 5th season in the Bob.)

No, you are fine. I’m headed in on the 20th of July and I got some concern because I want it over 1,000. But you got no worries.

Right on! thanks for the response. Looking forward to this!

I’m heading in this weekend, 29-4th. I’ll post up a river report. Where are you planning on putting in?
If it continues this pace you could see some really bony sections above big prairie by the 8th. Nothing you can’t walk your boat over a few dozen times. But still worth the float.
Or come in over white river and skip the upper skinny stuff. A little Less floating , awesome scenery, and I hear the white is super fun.

Thanks Grimm! A trip report would be greatly appreciated!

The plan is to start walking from lodgepole creek on the 8th. Wanting put-in on Youngs below the falls but i guess we will see how it looks.

I have also heard good stuff about the White so the plan is to take a layover day and hike up to the Chinese wall and float it back to the confluence.

obviously mother nature may have different plans…but thats my plan for now :wink:

Lodgepole is an easy hike but is scorched earth since the fire no shade for nearly the entirety.

Thanks for the heads up! sounds like i need my sombrero.