SF Bay Area Packrafters: Let's paddle!

Hi, I am getting more and more bitten by the river bug. I’ve taken my packraft to utah for some epic trips down the green, colorado, and escalante rivers, but that’s once a year and i’m looking for trips closer to home. I’ve so far done cache creek (like everyone) and the middle fork of the eel (like very few people). both excellent trips, and now i’m wanting to hit up more whitewater in my packraft.

Anybody else? If you’re in the bay area and you have a packraft let’s talk! I’d love to hear some of your favorite local routes, maybe we can hit some up on a weekend. i love the prospect of doing a fully supported wilderness trip with packrafts too. I’m very comfortable on class II and III, can handle some class IV, haven’t yet tried class V but if you’re standing on the shore with a throwrope and can loan me a helmet i’m all about it.

here’s one smaller run on the eel river i did last may:

taus.david (at) gmail

Hey there,
I will be coming to Napa/San Fran for a few weeks in April. I’ll be taking a class in San Fran during the week, and visiting my sister in Napa over the weekends. I will have my gear and would love to get out. I will be in the area from April 6-April 24 (roughly, maybe longer). Hit me up at kgbryce at gee mail if you are at all interested. Thanks!


PS - although my name is MTBeginner, I have been rafting for 4 years and probably have 150 times down class II-IV rivers, so I can hold my own.