Sevier River(Utah )

Anyone ever packraft this?

I’ve ran the Big Rock Candy Mountain stretch once (Marysville Canyon), but it a 10 lb IK at low water. It is a class II to III stretch and has the best whitewater. It is roadside and has a paved bike path along it. There are commercial tours run on it. This stretch flows later in the season than many other Utah rivers. Nearby is the the class III Clear Creek tributary that normally peaks around 200 cfs. It runs through some interesting narrows full of petroglyphs and the largest known Fremont Indian ruins, but it is also roadside. also up stream is Mammoth Creek tributary which runs beside lava fields. There is a stretch high up where class III Mammoth creek flows for a few miles through a lava tube and comes out like around 200 cfs spring during spring runoff. East fork of the Sevier near the confluence of the main Sevier River also has some mild rapids. The other rapids that I have run is two mild class III rapids in Leamington canyon which is located where the Sevier River enters the Great Basin northeast of the town of Delta. For the most part, the Sevier flows through agricultural valleys between 9,000 to 12,000 foot peaks. throughout most of it lower stretches the river is slow, meandering, and full of sediment, algea, and agricultural waste run-off. There are a few narrow, woody creeks at the headwaters that I would like to explore near peak runoff though.

oh, and Salina Creek tributary (class III-V) located northeast of Richfield near peak runoff is also a blast. There is the narrow and steep Pinball Rapid below where Gooseberry Creek comes in. Above this rapid are many man-made slides where the creek passes under the bridges of the freeway along the canyon. This creek is only worth running when the other gaged creeks in the area are running really high.