Self bailing Alpacka - Alaska and Cold weather


I really like the idea of the self bailing packraft. The only thing that is keeping me away from it is the cold water temp of Alaska. I have been able to paddle the self bailer for a shot period and it seemed great, but i have not had experience during longer trips. Does anyone have input on how their self bailer is working for them in colder water temps during longer trip? or have advice or suggestions on weather or not to get the self bailing raft? Any input would be much appreciated!



I have the 2017 yak self bailer here in Arkansas and have paddled it in the December to March time frame on short trips. The thing I am not crazy about is the amount of water the boat has in it. I would think it would be cold on longer trips but I hope someone reply’s to you on this subject. Honestly I have thought about selling it and getting the gnarwal