Seeking SW/CO Plateau Partner for Class IV Paddling

Hey folks,

I’m a confident class III+ paddler and cautious class IV+ paddler who’s recently moved to the southwest. I’m looking to find partners in the region who are interested in paddling class IV and doing remote trips. Most of the folks in my local FB groups etc. don’t seem particularly interested in that kind of paddling. I have some days off coming up mid-march and want to do one of either A) Cataract Canyon (classic loop starting and ending at Elephant Hill, paddling spanish bottom to imperial canyon), B) Little Colorado River (Cameron to Tanner Trail in GCNP or Cameron to Salt Trail w/ flows between 450 and 750 at desert view), or C) N Fk Virgin River in Zion (if flows are low enough). I’m more or less comfortable doing these trips on my own, but at some point one needs to find some partners in one’s region.

Hit me up if you’re interested!