Seeking out other Packrafters in the Dallas or Texas Area

Hello Ya’ll! I’m a newbie packrafter. Backpacker adding packrafting to my adventures. I’ve got some minimal gear and practicing on flatwater.

I want to find other packrafters in the Dallas area or North Texas area to get practice with more experienced folks and do paddles on the weekends as part of my training for more rigorous waters.

I’m located in the boonies of north Dallas, Texas.

Refreshing this post to the top. I find it hard to believe that I haven’t found other packrafters (beyond immediate 2 friends who bought rafts with me) that are located in Texas. Maybe we’re all out in the wilderness, don’t be afraid to reach out! please Or surrounding states :smiley:

Hello there,

I am a newbie too! (Just bought an Alpacka Yukon Yak, it’s on the UPS truck right now!). I will be in Dallas (specifically Denton) for work in May. I would be interested to go out during the weekends (May 14-15 or 21-22) if you are still looking for partners. Nothing very difficult to start with as I don’t have a lot of whitewater experience…



Sent you a PM.