Seeking CO partners

I’m looking for packraft partners, ideally based in Colorado. About me: Not a beginner, but by no means advanced. I’m in my second year of packrafting, and have done mostly class II stuff, but recently returned from Alaska and did a no-swim descent of the Kenai River Canyon (class II+/III?). Also completed a 2 day swiftwater rescue packraft safety course this year. Certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Would enjoy meeting reliable, safe partners for either day or overnight trips. Especially interested in improving my skills, so trips in the II+/III+ range would be great. If interested, drop me a line. Thanks!


Tom you might have more luck if you join the Colorado Packrafting group on the facebooks

Just a quick addendum to my original post: I did my first packraft overnighter this week, a successful and fun outing. I went on the very popular Ruby/Horsethief section of the Colorado River at 2400 cfs, 27 miles in length. It’s definitely an easy, beginner section of the river, but there was some variety to the river features and it was fun to blend packrafting with ultralight backpacking gear (I’ve been doing UL backpacking for many years). I could have done without the heat, however; the high on day 1 was 100 degrees. Ugh…but in the shade with a slight breeze, tolerable.

A highlight of the trip: Watching an old Piper Cub single-engine plane with large Alaska-style tires do a super short riverside landing on a gravel bar. Impressive piece of flying.

Infrastructure: Thanks for the FB packraft group tip. To be honest, not crazy about joining FB given all the issues FB has had with data, but my wife has an account so maybe I can drop by that page using her account. Thanks again.


I’m Darren. A novice packrafter myself. I’m 33 and have a big background in backpacking and fishing, However next to none and pack rafting. I’ve done a lot of small river rafting and lazy river stuff, looking to step my game up. I just bought a new pac however next to none and pack rafting. I’ve done a lot of small river rafting and lazy river staff, looking to step my game up. I just bought a new pack raft and inam super interesting to find people to go with! Let me know if you are still looking for people to raft with :+1:t2:!

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Yes, I’m absolutely still interested in finding partners! I’ll send you a PM, thanks.


There’s handful of us on the West Slope of CO, who like you, are not great yet, but growing in our skill levels. If you are out this way again, let me know.

Fruita, CO

Thanks, Thomas, will do. I just got back yesterday from an overnighter on the Upper Colorado, State Bridge to Dotsero (46 miles). A definite step up from Ruby/Horsethief. Lots of class II’s, a few III’s. Anyway, I’ll get back to the West Slope soon enough, I’m contemplating a run of the Green in late September, sections A & B. Any interest?


Hi Tom. I’m definitely interested in a Green trip in late Sept over a long weekend. Although I want to do all 3 sections and spend 2 or 3 nights on the river and do some fishing. Contact me if interested…

Sounds good, Infrastructure. I’ll send you a PM.


So just to follow up (and as a blatant way to maybe solicit more responses :slight_smile:), I finished the traditional 2018 packrafting season logging almost exactly 200 river miles. 3 overnight trips, 2 1/2 of those solo (had a trip where my partners dropped off after day 1). Up to class III. OK on the difficulty at that level but room for improvement on “real”/full-on/old school III. I feel like the overnight piece is really easy, I come from a background of ultralight backpacking and climbing.

I sent off for a Kokotat drysuit and a few cold weather pieces from NRS. I plan to continue during the winter, but realistically only on the cold but not crazy cold days in the high desert, e.g. day trips to DNM, maybe Shoshone if conditions permit, etc. We’ll see…

Still open to connecting with partners!


Hey Tom,

I live in Taos, NM and I’m also looking for PR partners. We’ve got a couple good rivers down here but usually I find myself driving north to find water. If you’re on the western slope you’re not too, too far from me… nothing that a long weekend wouldn’t fix. I drive to Durango frequently for work and do climbing trips out to Moab often enough.

I have 3 years of experience in my packraft. Most of the time I’m doing Class 2-3. I’ve run a few 4’s but absolutely nothing super serious and quite frankly my style is more to get out on a long trip and read and run stuff that’s 3 and under. I have no shame portaging something I don’t like. That’s what makes these boats awesome. Got quite a few miles in my boat. Done the Escalante and a trip down the Middle Fork Salmon. Lots of day trips in the Rio Grande, Piedra, Conejos, Chama, stuff all around me. I have lots of experience and many years going backpacking, doing wilderness climbing trips, going canyoneering. Just love the outdoors and if I go on a PR trip I am going to be jonesing to just be out there more than ticking off the rapids.

Hoping this year to get on the Dolores. Seems a good year in CO/NM in general. Happy to host a meetup down this way, too.

Feel free to PM me. Hope we can connect!