Seek partners NY/NJ thru New England!

This is my first post seeking partners in the NY/NJ-New England region. I reside just north of Albany, NY and am willing to travel. I’d be happy to plan trips near me, plenty of ADK water/routes. Good for both day trips and overnights etc. I’m a UL backpacker getting into this sport. I have extensive backpacking/hiking, kayaking experience.seeking pr1 to pr3 trips, eventually adding pr4 throughout upcoming seasons.

Hey hey!
I just got my packraft in the mail and I’m looking to do trips in NY and NJ for spring, summer and fall. I hope your still watching this page.

Hi GFM, I’m near Toronto, Ontario (about a 6 hr drive from you). I’d plan some trips with you/join you

Sounds like we’ll be meeting up in the adirondacks this spring!!

Hey guys,

Got my packraft a couple weeks ago and hitching to get out. I live in southern connecticut, Could meet anywhere in north east? Anyways my name is Guillaume, im 38 athletic, love trip planning and dreaming of some packrafting excursion in Alaska some day… difficult to convince people to join the tribe lol Messaged an NYC group that was on this forum but have not heard back.

Whoa, I posted looking for partners years ago, nobody responds. Shortage of packrafters in the NE. I’m still open to meeting and hitt8ng the water.

Im in Hartford CT. Let me know if you guys get out there. I ll try to join.

Glad to see some people looking for partners in NE, I’m in the same situation. I’ve done quite a bit of class III water and easier backcountry floating, and I’ve just finally put in thigh straps and am looking to run some harder stuff. The only reliably floatable runs in NE for the next few months are likely to be dam-release. Anyone have an interest in heading out to the Deerfield in far Southern Vermont (dryway section, or below harriman reservoir) or the Kennebec in Maine?

You guys should broaden up to include the Mid-Atlantic as well. There is a lot of running whitewater here (still) suitable for all skill levels. Pennsylvania and Maryland, being nearest to the NE, are good places to look. The local whitewater/kayaking scene in the Eastern region is still getting acquainted with us though but have been kind.

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