I think my knowledge of the area along with internet searching already gives me the answer, but I’ll throw this out there…

Looking for a day trip around Sedona, during fall (yeah, I know, dry season, this is going downhill quickly), class iii -ish. Maybe Flagstaff area? Most of what I see in Kayaker forums talks about spring runs, but maybe there is something out there that is a hike more doable with a PR than a kayak that they wouldn’t even mention.

Anything? Something that I can pull off the drive to/from Sedona, the hike (will be solo so no car shuttle possible, maybe a rental bike), and run in 1/2 to 3/4 of the day, maybe full day if I do some schmoozing with the boss.

Thanks in advance.

I believe the only option near the Sedona area is Oak Creek Canyon, although I believe it would only have enough flow either during spring run off or possibly after a monsoon storm. Another option a little more south of Sedona would be the Verde River, again best run during spring run off.

I’ve packrafted the Verde twice now, once during spring and once after a monsoon storm late September. I much preferred it during spring run off. Would love to do it again

What week of the year was that? And did you hike from Sheep Bridge up to the put in? I ask because I’m contemplating that for next spring.

Ran it in the 2nd week of March, if I remember correctly. Did not hike from Sheep Bridge to the put in. One member of the party talked his wife into driving us up north of Payson and then down to the Child’s RAP at the Verde River. At our take out at Sheep’s Bridge we lounged around for an hour or so before that same members wife drove into Sheep’s to pick us and our gear up. I’d definitely do it again, but would have to get a shuttle set up. I believe you could hike up from Sheep’s Bridge, but it would be one heck of a long hike.