Seating to Paddle with 2 in an Explorer 42

New to packrafting and now have a new Explorer 42. Went out for trial paddle with 2 of us yesterday on flat water. Found it hard to paddle for front paddler unless kneeling, which can get to be sore after a short while. Any suggestions how to best configure? THe Explorer comes with 3 seats, one of which has a back attachment. Didn’t use this one, just kept the 2 basic seats and found paddling at the bow hard to reach properly into the water with canoe paddle option. Could not reach water in a strong position due to width of boat. Worked OK if kneeling, but that can’t be too long or you get sore. Any help appreciated. Thanks

howdy…we’ve been out on flat water with our explorer 42 six times. we use kayak paddles. since we sit fairly low we would find it very hard to paddle with canoe paddles. the seating in the stern is quite comfortable. we have experimented with the front. first with the seat supplied. then augmenting this with a “L” shaped camp chair on top. what we have settled on is just adding an extra inflatable seat cushion so the bow paddle is a little higher.

we have loved getting out on your explorer 42.