Sanctuary River

May be a dumb question but is it possible to float from the santuary camp ground down to the nenana river. It looks like you can go from windy pass and float down to the camp ground but can you go further or do you have to pull out there?

FYI Sanctuary area has a seasonal closure currently to protect wolf habitat. I don’t know much more about it, but here’s the link…

-amy c

From the Sanctuary to the Nenana … I assume you’re talking about basically putting in on the Park Road and floating North, joining the Teklanika, and then to the Tanana River, correct?

If so, you’ll encounter a difficult canyon that is 3 miles long or so about 1 hour after putting in as the Sanctuary cuts through the “Outer Range” of the Alaska Range.

It’s class V or harder with continuous whitewater and small eddies. Embick reports a portage or two as well. I walked out after attempting it and deciding it wasn’t my cup of tea.

After joining the Teklanika, the Tek goes through another canyon (Outer Outer Range) that goes at quality class III with one nasty IV in the mix.

Not sure what your timing is, but water is high up there at the moment…