San Rafael River This Weekend - Partner Request

The San Rafael is running and I’m wondering if anybody would like to join me this weekend for a quick hitter. I plan on being at Fuller Bottom late Friday night, run the shuttle first thing Saturday morning and spend one night on the river.

Hit me up at coloradoclimber97@gmail, or reply here if interested.


AW says it’s only at 259cfs and below runnable. I can’t do it this coming weekend but would be interested in running it the following weekend if you are flexible at all.

AW doesn’t know about packrafts. I’m in Moab and thinking about running it this weekend again. Did you ever get out there?

Yep, me and the swamp rat (dog) floated it Saturday and Sunday. Flows were perfect, we never dragged once, even with over 350 pounds of dog, gear and myself in the packraft. The only downside was everybody else and their brother had the same idea and the river was crowded. All good folks though. Good water to be had 20 minutes up Virgin Spring canyon and Cane wash. Weather was perfect, water temp was cold, even for the swamp rat. I really enjoyed doing the shuttle off the mtn bike as it’s only 18 miles and Buckhorn wash is a very scenic area.

You should definitely go do it if the flows stay up, as the canyon is simply amazing.