San Francisco Bay Area Packrafters

There are five people, including myself, that live in or near the SF Bay Area, own packrafts, and have expressed interest in doing some day and weekend trips this spring and summer. The current group includes Richard N., Rich H., Kevin G., Bryce S., and Nathan M. If there is anyone else in or near the SF Bay Area who is interested in paddling with us, please send me a message.

What level of hardcore is this group?

I might be interested but I tend more towards the casual than the type IV…


We practice on class II - III. Our next three trips are scheduled for the Mokuleme River above Pardee Reservoir. The trip dates are May 15 and a camping weekend May 22 - 23. After the May trips the practices will take place on Cache Creek which is similarly rated water. If you would like to join us, send me a private message with your contact information and your paddling background. I will provide you the list of the contact information for the other packrafters in the Bay Area.


Does any one know of a good float around the garberville/redway area. Could be hike in or just a float, anything less than class III. I am visiting there from ak in June and would like to see some of the area via packraft.


Area Rivers which satisfy your criteria include:

Eel River SF – The Big Bend to Benbow Lake SRA run is a class I-II river section and the run ends near Garberville
Eel River SF – The Garberville to Dyerville run is a class I+ section that starts where you are staying
Van Duzen – The Little Golden Gate to Yager Creek run is a I+ - II+ run. It is entirely rain fed; you need to check the flow before you arrive

I have recently outfitted myself with a packraft and am planning some adventures in northern California in the coming month.

Probably the Eel river, Cache Creek Wilderness section.

Would be great to meet others interested in joining!


I just got back from a day trip packrafting on the South Fork of the American River. It can be done solo without need for shuttle. There is a river access point on Hwy 49 just past the Magnolia Ranch Trailhead. Inflate, float and paddle a couple miles and then get out before river enters “the Gorge” section. Deflate raft and hike back on the new South Fork Trail, which goes right along the river. Repeat as often as time allows. Lots of fun. River is really high now.

I have done the American River a few times, and it has always been super fun. There is some good cliff jumping down there too. Recently checked out the Kern River, and it was fun, but not as challenging as I would like. Have heard great things about the Truckee River in Tahoe, and I plan on checking it out as soon as the summer hits.

Any suggestions for a good float around the Bay Area this time of the year that is not too cold to handle?