Russian Packraft

Check out the Packraft Dandelion -

I can’t see what that thing weighs but by the veins popping out of his arm I would think it is up there :slight_smile: Never let it be said that the Russians under engineer.


I would like if Alpackarafts had a larger nylon floor covering more of the bottom of the tubes. like on pic #26.

it looks like a cheap alpacka knockoff

Hello friends! I am Iskander Karmanov, packrafter from Russia.
These are my photos of 2013 and my first packraft. The weight of this model is 2.75 kg. It was the first modification of a 1.5-seater packraft. Then it was modernized and entered the series called “Ivolga” (Oriole). Made in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

I published the comparative review of two russian packrafts: “Ivolga” by Sergey Karzhaev (Krasnoyarsk) and “Crossriver” by “Triton” Company (St-Petersburg).
In this review I demonstrated the main distinguishing features of both boats, their advantages and disadvantages for long autonomous expeditions.
I added english subtitles especially for foreign packrafters )) Subtitles can be switched in the right lower corner of the video frame.
You can see it here:

Best regards,
Iskander Karmanov,
Kazan, Russia
Google+ page: