what do you think, maybe the best combination at all, at least for urban purposes: Inline skates an Packrafts.

We have smooth paved cycling routes along most of the major rivers in Germany. I went on a Sunday afternoon trip upstream on skates and returned as drift wood on the river Elbe in Dresden.

This would also work on creeks and small, little trafficed secondary roads.

I didnt do any skating pics, but the pack was know hassle. With sticks, one is as fast as cyclist, but doesnt have the bulk :slight_smile:
In my Llama, I could even leave the skates on.


Many congratulations, Sven. I think you’re probably the first in the world (not just Europe) to do this. I’m also an inline skater and maybe I’ll try this too, although it does depend on good surfaces to skate on before you get to the put-in. I’ve been thinking of it for some time but I’ve been unable to paddle because of a shoulder injury (skating accident!) but I’m about to step into the water again - so maybe I’ll take my skates. Great original pictures.

I think rollerblading/inline skating is more popular in Europe than Alaska so perhaps skates with an Alpacka will prove even more of a minority sport than packrafting already is. But great idea.

You’re the first, man (drat, it could have been me… :slight_smile: ).


I have read your stuff and visited your mention URL. I have seen 7 images in your URL. It is such a nice images with better background. Rollerboater is very popular in Europe. They manage many competition of Rollerboater in every year.