Rocky creek to the Hawkesbury TR. Colo river descent

A few pics and short vid from a trip over Xmas here - Darren M: ROCKY CREEK TO THE HAWKESBURY
A tough trip but very enjoyable.

Most excellent Darren, i had a great laugh at your Ghost boat vid, almost lost it totally when you cam out…Was that a solo trip? Your pretty game.


Hey Steve,

I was pretty knackered when I lost the raft on that one and was in a fair bit of pain from wettie rash after the Rocky creek section. I had a giggle myself.

Yeah the trip was solo but I did a fair bit of preparation in terms of checking out the river on different trips before hand as you saw on the blog. I have done Rocky creek 5-6 times, just not the lower section through to the Wolgan. Safety is my number one priority on Solo trips, especially longer ones into the more remote areas. Rivers and solo don’t generally = safe but on this trip I was very conservative to the point I portaged a few that I new were fairly easy.
I have learned a lot in a short period of time with the packraft and know which ones will hold me etc. I don’t run them. The one in the vid though was straight forward so I ran it and still came out.
I find some trips are actually a little safer solo as a lot of my usual partners are either not fit enough, stupid enough or have the gear specific for the trip. I read your comments regarding organizing some whitewater training and think it’s a great initiative. I visited Penrith Whitewater recently and have thought about doing their course in a kayak as i figured it’s the river reading and general water skills that I need.
I’m not a careless, foolhardy type that takes silly risks but I do choose a level of risk I’m comfortable with and manage it accordingly.

By the way, I took my Llama up to Patonga Creek on the Central coast today. Loaded two rods, an esky, two small back packs and the missus in the front. We drifted up a few K’s and caught a few undersized flathead, then returned mildly sunburnt but stoked. Great day out.

Cheers Darren.

Darren, I was in no way questioning your ability, more admiring your spirit and sense of adventure, I love that stuff and am envious of your fitness level and ability. So many trips that could be done and so little time…

Penrith offer a whitewater rescue course that is apparently very good, I would be very keen to do it. The training we are trying to put together is packraft specific whitewater reading etc as well as rescuetraining, I will keep you posted, we are hoping it will be in March.


:slight_smile: Hey Steve,

Sorry mate, I hope it didn’t come across as a rant. It’s just the public forum Solo spiel on default setting.

…and all this talk of fitness and ability?? More like a disability! :slight_smile: There’s way more talent floating around here.

I’d be keen on the training you guys are organising so if it happens, just yell out.

Cheers mate.