Rio Lacteo, Patagonia , Argentina

A nice “hiking with packrafting section” trip in the Patagonia Wilderness!

Where: In the very remote Perito Moreno National park in Argentina
When: austral summer
How: A car is needed to join de park and the beginning of the trip

Day 1 : hiking - From Estancia El Rincon, follow a dirt road then hike along Rio lacteo to Puesto San Lorenzo.

Day 2: hiking - From Puesto San lorenzo, continue hike upstream to Hermoso lake (or laguna Azul)

Day 3/4: hiking + Packrafting - you can packraft a small section of the river coming from laguna Azul but you’ll have to stop before the canyon section. Then join the Lacteo lake finding your way in the bush. Packraft the lake among the blue ice. Then, the rio lacteo flow down the valley but there are 3 sections you cannot packraft. The first one is just after the lake with too many boulders. The second is a narrow section just Before puesto San Lorenzo. The last one is a narrow section where you can pack your packraft and join the dirt road leading to Estancia El Rincon.

The section you can packraft are class II to III.

here you can find some pictures and the map :
It’s written in French but it says the same as in this post.

here is the movie: , watch from 8:15 to 10:46