Rio Grande Bikerafting

Had a pretty exciting time out on the Rio Grande last week. Two of us did White Rock Canyon as a ‘loop’ trip; first day was riding bikes up and over the Caja Del Rio Plateau about 40 miles to the put-in and the second day was, well, the second day was awesome. We were slow getting going that morning but managed to run the 20 miles of Rio and be back to the vehicle just after sunset. Ancho rapids were, interesting :open_mouth: .

Very Cool.

Is this the Big Bend area of the Rio Grande or in NM?

Bikes, Packrafts and fabulous scenery, it doesn’t get better than this!

What a lovely trip, I’m green with envy! Speaking of green, those Packrafts look gorgeous in the new colour.

Thanks for your comments.
This is in New Mexico, just west of Santa Fe. It is a fun trip.
The rafts are 09’ Llamas, I’m real happy with how they are working out.
Hey Alpacka, Thanks for making such cool boats! :mrgreen:

I have been wanting to do White Rock for years, I am sooo jelous, what was the flow when you went? Having two jobs and two kids is seroiusly limiting my packrafting, I really need to work on that. :smiley:

It was 1,800cfs at Otowi.
It’s just an amazingly scenic place, Buckman excluded :unamused: . I’m ready for another run, got two boats and everyone I know has two jobs and two kids or just had major hand surgery or is no longer living. :wink: Enjoy it while you can.