rio chiriqui viejo

the upper chiriqui viejo has now been packrafted! unfortunately, as is altogether too common, ther is currently construction of a new dam… next year this might not be possible. swam 3 times, luckily didnt lose the boat. do NOT try this one alone folks, i know a kayaker, friend of a friend who died here last year - in hijo de puta. fottage will be available soon, as a waterproof helmet cam came along.

I have had an Alpacka for several years and recently moved from Alaska to Playa La Barqueta near David, Panama. I’d like to get together for some Alpacka Panama rafting. Please contact me at: or call my Panama cell phone 6410-8060.
Elaine Mayer

hey there. greetings from interior alaska. i saw that you posted this about 3 years ago, but i am heading down to panama with my packraft and would love to have a partner to paddle with. let me know if you are stilll available. i plan on being in boquete for a bout a week in early february. ho0pe to hear from you soon.
(610) 310-0275

yo guys and gals. i just got back from several weeks in western panama and had the opportunity to run chiriqui viejo which is now dammed and has a timed release. when we got to the put in we saw that the dam had just released and water levels were rising by the minute. if the dam had not been released it may have not been able to be run. both panama and costa rica were seeing their lowest rainfall totals in 20 years per the locals. the dam project looked as though it was undergoing alot of construction and may be changing in the future. the river itself was really fun with rapids with names like gringo loco, lady kaka, etc. nothing during the dry season was more than a class 3+ which was perfect for my packrafting skill level. others in full size rafts were having difficulty navigating the low water levels but with my yak i had no problems. chiriqui viejo was pretty easily accessible and the whole float was about 4.5 hours. i would do it again in a heartbeat and only had to pay some gas money to an rafting outfitter (which asked not to be named) in boquete, which is a really sweet little town in the panamanian highlands. if you have a plan to go to panama be sure to pack your alpacka and paddle. almost any outfitter will let you use their pfd and helmet. show up and blow up!