Rio Chama Wilderness, April 29-30-May1

There is a small group of folks doing the Rio Chama in NW New Mexico April 29-May 1. no BLM permit needed due to "Prior to May 1st launch. " It is a great canyon, although the nights are very cold. Anyone interested, ? We ran it before at the same time last year and it looks to be an annual event for myself and a few buddies. PM for details.

Hi Glenn!
Man, I’d love to go, but would have to move or cancel too many things to make it.
Have fun! Let us know how it goes.

I am going to also try to get a BLM permit for later in the spring, if I can get ahold of some I will post it!

New Mexico packraft population, +1. Hi, my name’s Clint, I’m up here in Santa Fe and I just got me a brand spankin’ new Llama :smiley: . Didn’t know the boat came with a cool forum, and people who know what green chile is too :open_mouth: ! I’ll be wanting to do the Chama soon. Would really like to talk up some locals who are into this kind of thing. I’ve got lots of info for White Rock Canyon, if anyone is interested, a fun loop from the east side. Bike in, float down, stiff portage up, bike out, no shuttle needed. Group of 13 one time, so much fun, big silly grins all day long(until the portage), bicycle pirates of the Rio Grande; I’ve wasted alot of $ on truck inner tubes over the years. Just wanted to introduce myself here on the forum; too excited to sleep.

I have been wanting to do WHite Rock Canyon for a few years now. Where do you put in at? I was thinking of starting off by rappelling from the Otiwi Bridge, then packrafting down to the Bandelier take out, and taking the five mile hike out. Something like that. Are there any rapids at all on that stretch?

I’ll post some info in the White Rock Canyon thread, next day or so; thought I should keep things all tidy-like, thread-wise.
As for the Rio Chama, are you going from El Vado to Abiqui? Where’s a good place to park? What odds for permits after the 1st? …all the usual questions…

We got maybe an inch of snow here last night; this week is looking to be alot warmer, I might go out to Cochiti lake mid-week, if it’ll stop blowing F7.

Only a year later… but I am finally back on the forum. (crazy year )…anyhow, I am doing the Rio Chama, two nights, late april or may (2010)… and I WILL, I PROMISE, to post info. As of now there are three of us for sure.