Retrofitting a spray deck

I have been the proud owner of a Denali Llama for the past two years. I bought it without a spray deck to save $$. It’s been a treat, but a few trips down big water have shown me that it’s a touch difficult to paddle an “inflatable bathtub” through rapids. Subsequently, I am considering having a spray deck attached to the boat.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is a retrofitted deck durable? I welcome your thoughts and experiences.

The retrofited decks are pretty reliable. We have to glue them on rather than weld them, which is the process we use when the rafts are new. Over the past 4 years we have had some decks pull back up in spots. When they were reglued they worked just fine. We changed our methods of gluing a year ago and have had much better success with the retrofitted decks holding. I haven’t seen any problems with the newer method of gluing so i think you would be happy with getting a deck retrofitted on.


Thanks! The Canadian dollar is strong enough right now that this is a very tempting option!

Looking at your web-site I find information on the 2009 model. What’s new with the 2010 models (both spray deck(I have heard that the new model it is “totally” removable!) and boats versus 2009 models)). Maybe you should update your web-site to contain more info. regarding 2010-models?.

I bet Sheri, Andrew and the rest of the crew would just love to have the free time in which to carry out a site update, if needed.

Thought I might add some piccies of my home made spray deck from earlier in the year, for anyone’s interest.

The deck has a peripheral zip, so it can be rolled forwards, as I often like to paddle an open boat. I wanted to do a complete zip off job, but couldn’t find any long enough open end zippers to do this. It has velcro side opening as well, as per previous Alpacka decks. I’d like something to fill the lap area, and will probably sew in a pocket (as per Roman’s idea), but, instead of putting in platypus bladders, will use a 3-4l wine bladder, as these are lighter

Note - it’s important to get the whole family involved in these productions, even if they’re trying to do something else!
This piccie shows the deck being sized to fit the boat how I want it, and taped in place.

This photo shows the fitted deck, rolled forward for storage and use as an open boat. The peripheral zip is visible

Deck zipped on properly. The zip is covered by a flap. Velcro tags hold the flap down around the back where it turns around corners

Deck was made from polyethylene coated nylon (I couldn’t get PU coating), and has been glued on with contact adhesive, and the edges of the join covered with sail repair cloth. The junction seems adequate, and the beauty of having done it yourself, is that if you need to modify it, or reglue it, you have all the stuff available at your finger tips at home!

Hopefully some inspiration for those who sew!

Andrew A

Andrew, are you bringing one of those to the Euc ? Be good to see it.


Do you mean the “daughter with the face mask”, or the raft? …

I have 4 daughters, and I’m not bringing any of them, face mask or not.

As for the raft, yes, the yellow one is my raft, and the blue raft I have is for my fishing/rafting mates, so they’ll both be there.

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I am now of an age when a man’s packraft is of more interest than his daughters ! (does she know there is a picture of her with face cream on on the internet ! I can hear the “Daaaaaaaaa–dd” from here :smiley:

Look forward to seeing you there, I’ll scoot up Sat evening.

Be good to see the ‘home-grown’ deck.

I can confirm, my 2010 model spraydeck is completely removable. I love it! When biking or rafting with my dog I can leave the deck at home.

Andrew, that’s a very neat looking installation!

Your poor daughter, press ganged into helping her father, then shown to the world (of Packrafters)!