Resurrection Creek

Has anyone floated the Res yet this year? I’ve never done it but want to check it out.

On September 21st, 2014 we put in about five minutes above the lower canyon. Upon entering the lower canyon the gradient doubles and I eddied out to scout. At the next right turn in the lower canyon (approx 200 ft below) there was a river wide sweeper. The water was going over the middle of it (Six Mile was running at about 10.2) but at lower water it would be nasty. It was late in the day and we opted to just walk around the lower canyon and put in below rather than scout every turn in the lower canyon - so I don’t know what other wood might be in there. The float from the exit of the lower canyon back to the trailhead was clear of wood.

On 6/28/2015 Resurrection Creek had enough water to paddle, but a significant amount of wood including:
-river wide strainer just a few minutes below the Cascades (not likely to be a huge safety issue as it’s not in a rapid or constriction)
-nasty & dangerous double log strainer across the main channel of the first significant drop of the lower canyon, perhaps the same strainer that rhickel mentioned last year. This strainer is hard to see, as it’s just beyond the line of sight as you’re turning to the right entering the lower canyon. It’s not particularly easy to portage this one, but possible with some inconvenience by climbing around on either bank. The rest of the lower canyon is fun so I’d suggest putting back in right below the strainer.
-various other sweepers including some blocking significant portions of channels, including one blocking the main channel about 1/4 mile below the footbridge at Res Pass North trailhead near Hope.
Cascades are wood free at the moment but the water level is low enough that cleanest runout of the biggest Cascades drop is bony with pin potential, so we put in right below there and ran second half of the Cascades and on out to the trailhead.