Rescue Knife Recommendations?

Hello - what brand rescue knife is the best based on your experience? I did my own research and ended up with Benchmade, but before shelling out a lot of money, just wanted to confirm. I am new to packrafting and want to make sure most of my initial purchases are wise/good investments. Wish I knew of this site sooner!

Thanks, Linda

Hello Linda:

I have a Stohlquist that I like. Not heavy (95g/3.3oz), removes & sheathes simply, attaches to vest well, and is reasonably priced.

Howard L. Snell

Thanks Howard. I ended up ordering the Benchmade out of exhaustion. Too many things to buy and too many options - it got overwhelming.

Hello Linda:

Understandable. I felt the same way. After paddling for a while you may find that you’re re-evaluating things based on your actual experience and personal preferences. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting each piece of equipment perfect at the beginning. Take your boat out as often as you can & fiddle with everything. You’ll soon figure out what works best for you.

Just remember to have fun!