Reports from upper Eagle River this year?

I’ve got a couple of days on my hands and I was thinking of going up past the ford site from the Nature Center and exploring around the terminus of Eagle Glacier. I’m kicking around bringing my packraft, so I was curious as to if anyone here has floated that stretch of Eagle River this year. I’ll be solo and I don’t have experience on this stretch of Eagle River, so I’m not sure of the wisdom of taking this on without knowing more about the number of sweepers I should expect and such. Any reports or advice would be much appreciated.

I just noticed the gauge is out of commission, bummer. The gauge was trending around 3.5 last week, which is a good flow for packraft. I would scout and/or portage the echo bend rapid if it is running higher.

Yeah, I had no plans of trying to float the section past Echo Bend - I know that my skills and experience are not up to it. Thank you for the words of advice, though. Such sage advice keeps me from piles of trouble.