Replacement inflation valves

I have three packrafts with three different inflation valves and would really like to have compatibility in my inflation bags.
Have screwed around making adapters, but they have been; too clunky, heavy, have removable parts that could get lost…or require adding/removing tape as needed per boat.
So I am considering cutting out the valves :astonished: and replacing them all with the same type.
Wondering if folks have any suggestions on valves that:

  • have a flange that can be heat sealed to tpu fabric
  • have a low profile so as to not effect rolling/folding the boat
  • are resistant to sand damage
  • can be inflated either with an inflation bag or mouth
  • have a dump feature so the air can be rapidly removed from the boat when desired
  • don’t leak…
  • are easy to obtain (in the US)
    Thanks and Happy New Year to all.