Rent a Packraft in California, Arizona or Utah?

I live in Los Angeles, and I got started packrafting after spending the summer in Anchorage, where I could easily rent a packraft. The problem is that now I’m back in LA (yeah, I know) and there is no way for me to rent one! Truth be told, I like packrafting enough that I think I’d be willing to drop the $800 for a boat when I have enough saved. But I have a few friends with whom I’d also like to go on a packrafting trip and there’s no way they’re going to drop $800 on equipment for something they’ve never tried. Not to mention ad hoc packraft trip joinees! Is there ANY store or ANYONE that you can rent a packraft from in Los Angeles/Southern California?

Even Arizona or Utah would be fine if the rental location were near some of the awesome desert packrafting trips I’ve heard about!

Also, check out my first packrafting experience in Denali:

You could rent one from me. I would have to ship it from Wrangell, AK we can discuss $$.

I am in and out of the woods for work and personal trips, but I will get back to you.

Check out Jackson Hole Packraft and Packraft Rentals Anywhere at or (Full disclosure: that’s me!). I rent boats both locally in Jackson Hole and throughout the Lower 48 and Canada.

The process is simple. Step 1: Call me at 907-830-1016 to reserve the boat(s). Step 2: I FedEx you the packraft(s). Step 3: You go on an awesome packrafting adventure. Step 4: You dry off the boats, put them back in the box, affix the return label I give you and drop off the box at any FedEx location.

My rental and shipping rates are very competitive. Rentals start at $40 per day for 1-2 day rentals, drop to $30 per day for 3-6 day rentals, and cost $200 per week. Round-trip shipping is $35 for one boat, $40 for two boats, $45 for three boats, $50 for four boats. I don’t charge for the time the boats are in transit.